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My Hashimoto’s Disease and The Immune System Recovery Plan

Arghhhhh!  Autoimmune problems really suck!  I’m tired of being tired, missing out on my favorite things because I don’t have the energy to do them. I have a great diet, I exercise every day, going broke buying supplements….and yet I still have episodes of extreme exhaustion.  The exhaustion was so bad a few months ago I felt like ending it.  Well, slowly, very slowly I did get better…at least to the point that I can function and take walks again, but I want a better life and I don’t want another episode of exhaustion like that ever.  So, I’m using this blog as a means to track my recovery using Susan Blum’s book, The Immune System Recovery Plan.  She’s a doctor who developed Hashimoto’s disease herself and over a period of two years cured herself.  Realizing the need for functional medicine she then developed a 4 step recovery plan:  using food as medicine, the stress connection, healing your gut and supporting your liver.  So here we go.  My intention is to post at least once a week what I’ve learned and the progress I’ve made until I’m also cured.