Change, Change and more Change

2016-08-12 17.06.44

2016-08-15 15.31.26

Well, they say taking a long trip can change your life or give you a new perspective…. that’s what’s happened.  I found a 55+ apartment to move to. I did the thing I was most afraid to do.  I couldn’t imagine how I could move while feeling the exhaustion of this disease, but my friends and their friends came to my aid and made sure it got done as quickly and easily as possible.  Absolutely wonderful, kind, amazing people.

I want to really focus on getting my health better and that involves keeping stress as low as possible, focusing on what I can do, learning better how to be kind to myself and put improving my health first.  Maybe it wont change anything, maybe it’ll change everything but I really felt a strong push to make this move.  We’ll see.

My longer term goal is to slowly improve, get back on my mountain bike, enjoy nature, do and teach yoga and Qigong and start a support group for others in my area that are dealing with chronic illness.  Oh yes, and paint… new passion, which, by the way I wouldn’t have discovered had I not been ill and had my best friend encouraging me to continue.  There’s always a way to be thankful for whatever situation life puts you in.

Peace, Love and Joy!



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