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Methyl folate Supplements



Happy New Year everyone!  Best wishes for good health, moments of laughter and joy and much love.

  This journey is, evidently, a long one.  They say it’s gradual, that you notice a good day now and then, until one day you realize there are more good days than bad and you’re doing things you haven’t been able to do in a long time.  It’s been over a year of “ill health”, complete exhaustion, chronic Epstein Barr Virus and whatever unknowns might still be undiscovered…..and yes, I can say I’m having good days….sometimes really good days.  I’ve been able to swim in the ocean, hike short distances and feel more like a functional human being.  I still have scary bad days too, but try to remind myself that it’s only temporary and a good day is on its way.

Currently I’m taking 200 mcg of methyl folate with 50 mg of niacin.  When I first tried methylfolate I increased daily until I reached 800 mcg.  I felt much worse with symptoms of increased exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia even though I was also taking 100 mg of niacin to help with the side effects.  So, Steve Ottersberg, the biochemist I’m working with, told me to go back down to 200 mcg for a month and then recheck my sulfur levels again or get another homosysteine test and see how I feel.  I’m almost at the one month timeframe and don’t feel much different at this point.  Some good days, some bad.  I’ll see what the tests show and how to proceed.  I’m so thankful for the good days and am learning new things on the bad days. When I’m unable to be active I found I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles (kind of like meditation), or doing a watercolor project.  Other days I can take walks or go to Qui Gong class.  Life is good.

From Michael Singer’s book, The Untethered Soul, Learn to stop resisting reality, and what used to look like stressful problems will begin to look like the stepping-stones of your spiritual journey.