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Cleansing and ClearVite

Last two weeks were brutal…sorry to say.  This is a roller coaster ride from hell.  My doctor assures me it’ll all be worth it in the end…sometimes I find myself wishing for a different kind of end…not in reality, it’s just so hard to feel this way month after month.  I try to stay positive on these posts but I know there are others of you out there that know what I’m going through or more likely you’re going through even worse health tragedies.  All of us only have this life and these moments in our life to enjoy.  So regardless of what you’re going through keep moving forward and find things to enjoy in each moment.  The joy is there waiting, you just have to be silent and listen.

2013-07-19 19.51.53

Last Monday I did the fast using lemon and lime juice in water with maple syrup.  I drank sips every 15 minutes throughout the day.  The first day I felt quite good.  They say if you feel you must eat something eat a vegetable you don’t normally eat like brussel sprouts.  So I ate brussel sprouts and cauliflower in the evening.  All was good until the evening of the second day when I got a migraine.  Dr. Scott told me later that was a sign that my blood sugar was dropping and I needed to eat.  I wasn’t aware of that so I went to bed that night without eating.  By morning I was a mess.  I stood up and felt dizzy, so I dropped to the floor in the kitchen, then started having seizure-like jerking of my body, which unfortunately caused me to hit my head over and over against the refrigerator.  I know it doesn’t sound funny but every time I think about what I must have looked like I laugh so hard.  I guess it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself.  I contacted Dr. Scott and he said I needed to start eating and continue on to the next phase with the ClearVite.  It took me two days to recover from the cleansing debacle, then I had one incredible, wonderful, energy filled day.  I was hoping it would continue, but no luck, the next two days were the worst ever.  I have no idea why.  I called Dr. Scott again and he just said this is what it’s like.  It’s different for everyone and you have ups and downs but he still assures me to hang in there and I’ll be better.  He said these stages are just laying the platform that we’ll be building good health from.  So I asked him if there are other people he’s worked with that are similar to me, in that they have weight loss instead of weight gain.  Basically he said yes and gave me examples of different people he’s worked with and what their experience was.  The one thing that didn’t ring familiar with him was the pins and needles pain in my scalp and gums that I experience regularly.

So I’m taking off tomorrow for some traveling.  My gut is telling me I should just stay home, but I’ve made airline reservations and plan to visit family and friends.  I’ll just be as prepared as I can, rest and relax often, stay on the diet (which isn’t a problem, I love it) and the ClearVite and when I return I’ll start the 3rd phase which will be supplements that address my adrenal.  I felt like that’s something I need now, but Dr. Scott tells me that if you do too many things at once it throws it all off and nothing works.  I understand and appreciate that as I’ve been one to try too many things at once and then wonder why they’re not working.  In case you’re interested here’s a website for how the ClearVite Program works.

From the book, The Power of Now, “Are you complaining in speech or thought about a situation you find yourself in, what other people do or say, your surroundings, your life, the weather?  To complain is non-acceptance of what is.  You can change the situation by taking action, speaking out if necessary or possible, leaving the situation or accepting it.  All else is madness.” 




Nocturnal Pulse Oximetry and New Hormones

This wonderful afternoon started 3 years ago with a Craigslist ad to rent Bill’s solar adobe home in New Mexico.  Mary Kaye from New York answered my ad, but even though it didn’t work out, Mary Kaye and I stayed in touch over Facebook with a shared compassion for photography, nature, kids, dogs and adventure.  Mary Kaye and her husband Dave were traveling through Colorado to spend a couple nights at this wonderful fire tower called Jersey Jim’s that’s rented out for $40 a night.  What an amazing experience.  The sun was behind the clouds making it a little chilly as Bill and I climbed the steps to the top.  When we stepped inside it was warm, serene and comforting with expansive views from every direction.  There was a bed in one corner, a stove and fridge with the fire finder compass wheel in the center of the room.  They had hummingbird feeders on all sides and as we walked around the outside the hummingbirds dive bombed me in their attempts to get their turn at the feeder.  Mary Kaye serenaded us with her fiddle playing from the ground.  Perfect afternoon….we really didn’t want to leave.

2014-06-12 16.20.35

Jersey Jim's Fire Lookout near Mancos, CO

Jersey Jim’s Fire Lookout near Mancos, CO

View from Jersey Jim's Fire Lookout

View from Jersey Jim’s Fire Lookout

Jersey Jim's Fire Lookout

Jersey Jim’s Fire Lookout


Mary Kaye playing the fiddle

Mary Kaye playing the fiddle

I wanted to get established with a doctor here in Durango and found a Integrative Medicine Clinic with a Nurse Practitioner, Renae Blanton, who was wonderful.  I gave her all my recent lab results and she had me do a nocturnal pulse oximetry test due to my red blood cell count being elevated.  It was very easy, just a small machine the size of a phone with a wire that attaches to your finger which measures your oxygen level as you sleep.  I haven’t received the results yet but we’ll see.  She said the amount of female hormones I was on was very miniscule and gave me progesterone pills 100 mg (I was only taking 15 mg) and I’ve ordered a cream from a formulary pharmacy for the BI-EST (was .2 mg) now 6 mg, Testosterone (was .5) now 10 mg.  The first night I took the progesterone I slept great and woke up feeling like a new person; energy, mood and otherwise.  Unfortunately the next day and those following were back to the usual exhaustion, achy muscles and joints.  Oh well!

During my phone consult with Dr. Scott he noticed that I was eating sweet potatoes for a snack with no protein. He said it was very important to eat even just a small amount of protein with it.  I asked for suggestions for protein that aren’t meat because I’m eating so much meat right now and he said he didn’t have any, but once I’ve added nuts back in it can be as simple as having apple slices with almond butter.  Currently I’ve been eating baked chicken, ground lamb, ground turkey and organic beef hot dogs…..and of course lots of veggies in the way of steamed broccoli, carrots, zucchini and mixed greens salads and smoothies with beets, ginger, kale with pears, blueberries and strawberries.  I’m loving it!   I asked him when I start the next phase of the diet and ClearVite powder and he said first I have to do a 3 day fast drinking only water with lemon and lime juice and Grade B maple syrup every 15 minutes.  Urggg!!  I said I was worried about losing more weight and he said he didn’t think I would but if I do then I can stop and move on to the next phase.  The purpose of the fast is to stabilize blood sugar and the purpose of the ClearVite is to cleanse toxins from your body.  So here I go.  I’m going to start the fast Monday, the ClearVite on Thursday and keep on moving forward.

Try this next time you feel like you’re waiting, (from the book “The Power of Now”), “Give up waiting as a state of mind.  When you catch yourself slipping into waiting…snap out of it.  Come into the present moment,  just be, and enjoy being.  If you are present, there is never any need for you to wait for anything.  So next time someone says, “Sorry to keep you waiting”, say “That’s alright, I wasn’t waiting, I was just standing here enjoying myself…IN JOY IN MY SELF


Liquid DHEA and Fish Oil

With determination and grit I’m hanging in there, but having setbacks last week with extreme exhaustion and vertigo has been a bit of a disappointment. The week before last I was so encouraged to have small glimpses of a normal life and was able to really ride my bike again.  It feels like total freedom to ride down a trail, all your senses coming alive, the sound of the river flowing swiftly by and a pinwheel of smells from pine trees to cottonwoods bringing back pleasant memories from childhood, smiling at people passing by, being grateful for my body’s ability to function in this way….like in the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” when she shouts, “Towandaaaaaaaa” being in the moment, feeling strong and doing what feels right.  I’m always second guessing why my energy leaves my body….did I ride my bike too far?  Did I eat something I shouldn’t have? Is there stress or things in my life I’m not dealing with that I need to? Probably….but right now all I can do is keep on keeping on, listening to my body telling me what it needs, finding ways to accept what is with joy and grace.

I’ve done 3 weeks with the RepairVite, Strengtia probiotics and diet. This week Dr. Scott said I would need to be on this diet for 5 weeks instead of 4 because the first week I didn’t take the correct dosage of RepairVite….Arghhhhh!  He added liquid DHEA, 5 drops sublingually every morning the first week, then 5 drops morning and evening thereafter and Metagenics Fish oil, 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Apex Energetics liquid DHEA 5 mg

Metagenics OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 EPA 400 mg DHA  600 mg

I asked Dr. Scott about why I’m experiencing the extreme exhaustion still and he said that his first thought is I’m not consuming enough calories.  He said I should have at least 1500 a day, which when he looked at my food journal it looked like I was close to that.  He said when I get back from walking or riding the bike have a sweet potato and some protein to build my energy back up.  He also reminded me that I’m at the beginning of a 9 part journey and to expect set backs at times but know that I will eventually feel better.  I lost another pound but he thinks it’s stabilizing and I probably won’t lose any more.

When I finish this 5 week diet phase I’ll begin the ClearVite part of the program, cleansing the liver, and will be able to start having brown rice and nuts…yahoo, and then start adding back foods like eggs, dairy, grains one at a time for 3 days to see if I have any reactions.  I believe reactions can be many things beyond the normal stomach pain, such as headaches or intense itching as well as emotional things.  Not looking forward to that.

A friend gave me a book that’s been inspiring me daily, The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.  Here is one excerpt about helping yourself stay in the moment and not be in your head so much thinking about the past or future, “… ask yourself:  Is there joy, ease and lightness in what I am doing?  If not see if you can give more attention to the DOING rather than the result that you want to achieve and completely accept what is, and not resist it.”