Endocrinologist Appointment 14 Jan 2014

Just a short update on my latest endocrinologist appointment.  I try to keep my expectations low when I go to this doctor…sad, I know…but he seems frustrated with my questions and can’t wait to get me on my way. So I’ll get what information I can from the tests and know that I’m traveling the road of being passed on from specialist to specialist, but over time I will rule out what I don’t have and find a solution.  So after reviewing all my tests and answering my questions…ya, right…. he suggested I see a rheumatologist next concerning possible autoimmune problems.

I told him my main reason for coming in was to go over the results of the ultrasound of my thyroid…he didn’t have them…had to call his receptionist to get them…and the result was that although small, my thyroid was there and had a small nodule (3 ml) which he will retest in a year.

When I brought up my tests that were out of the normal range he explained them all away…the sex hormone binding globulin being 204…he said, “oh that doesn’t mean anything”…hmmmm, I researched it some on the internet and they said it could be caused from excessive estrogen…was hoping to get more than….it doesn’t mean anything…so frustrating.  My WBC was low…he said it’s not a problem and the FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) was high at 158, he just said….”not a problem”…okay, I’m really frustrated with his answers…not explaining anything…why do I even do these tests?  Oh, he said my estradiol was that of a post menopausal woman taking no estrogen or other hormones and said he didn’t know why I would want to waste my money by taking my bio-identical hormones…even though I pointed out how out of range my estrogen was before the bio-identical hormones….So, I decided I’ll continue taking my hormones for now.  In the way of my thyroid he said he’d rather see me at 60 mg, which I’m working towards but at a gradual rate.  He said I gained 4 lbs because I decreased my Armour Thyroid and if I decreased it to 60 mg I would gain even more weight….my only problem with this is that my energy is still very low and my scalp and gums burn terribly at times….which led us to believe that maybe it isn’t my thyroid or hormones but to look at autoimmune…..so there we go.

Today my general doctor called about thyroid tests I had done last week and she’d like to see me today to go over them…kind of unusual…we’ll see. 

So I get so frustrated with my health at times…just started riding my bike last week…now this week I’m hardly able to walk for 10 minutes….. but I decided there are good days and bad days and it’s all layers of getting better.  I’m working on the healing your gut chapter of Susan Blum’s book…I’ll report on that next….wishing peace, happiness, joy and grace! 


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