Endocrinologist Appointment Results

After waiting almost 2 months for an appointment I finally went to my endocrinologist appointment on the 3rd.  He ordered many blood tests and a ultra sound of my thyroid.  My next appoint is not until January, but I went to my general doctor who had the results of the blood tests available to her.  She was kind of confused about them, didn’t have the time needed to figure it out….so, as usual it’s up to me to research and learn as much as I can.

There were recommendations by my endocrinologist that didn’t really make sense and I probably won’t follow.  He wants to decrease my Armour thyroid from 120 mg to 60mg.  I think this is too drastic and so did my doctor…so we’re going to try going down to 90mg.  My TSH was .08, which actually, even though it’s below the normal range, might still be okay for me (I just increased my Armour from 60 to 120 mg 3 months ago based on a doctor’s suggestion)  I can’t keep making these drastic changes.  He also noted that he wanted me to stop taking my bio identical hormones.  I don’t agree with this either.  My progesterone is in the normal range (but still on the low side) and estradiol is in the normal range (was extremely high 3 months ago before the bio identical hormones)…I’m staying on my hormones for now and will check the levels in another 3 months.

Other test that were out of range or seemed unusual to me:

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin      204  (range is 130 – 135) Time for me to learn about this….Could be raised due to thyroid hormone?

Testosterone Bioavailable and Testosterone Free were within range but low end

White blood count was 3.7 (range is 3.8 – 11.2)

FSH  158 (range is 20 – 138)

TSH was .08 (range is .34 – 5.60) although I see ranges much lower than this.  My TSH was 2.85 3 months ago, so that’s a big change.  I’ve so had it with doctors saying “everything’s fine, you’re in the normal range”, without giving any consideration to how YOU feel.


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